ie + flash + overlay divs = blecchy z-index css fun

See that video window? It is supposed to be covered by the links page. Obviously, it’s not.

Apparently this is a fairly common problem with IE. Embedded flash applets that like to peek through CSS divs that should be resting nicely over top of the flash app, obscuring the content in the overlay (the links page, in this case).

I’m reasonably sure it has something to do with MS’s DirectX video overlay, but that is pure speculation and I’m way too lazy to find out for sure.

In any event, if you run into this, here’s some more info along with fixes:

Flash content and z-index


Experimenting with Flash content and z-index

Good to know!

Also, Firefox doesn’t have this problem, and you really should use that, anyways. Yes, it’s a shameless plug. Deal. 🙂

Also, also, the site pictured is (pronounced AIM-a-lah (bitches)). If you haven’t heard of her or read her stuff, you should. She’s wickedly funny, sarcastic, and cool. Go read. Now!

4 thoughts on “ie + flash + overlay divs = blecchy z-index css fun

  1. Y’know what I hate? I actually understand what you’re talking about. It really should be more like this:

    Blah, blah, blah, window, blah, blah, blah, some links, blah, blah, blah, another link, blah, “Good to know!” and then I follow the rest.

    That’s what it used to be like. Now? I actually understand, at least to a point, what yer goin’ on about.


    By the by: I put up nice posts for the last number of days and I get blissful silence from you. Silence, says I! Yer heartless sometimes…




    Heartless…you make me cry…


  2. My only excuse, and it is _such_ an excuse, is that I have been completely… COMPLETELY ignoring my feeds, tweets, IM, and pretty much anything else that would distract me.

    I’ll be catching up tomorrow on my day off 🙂

  3. Well, I’m not one to talk so I suppose it’s ok. I suppose!

    Sigh…you have a day off. I have to deal with 25% of the building turning over. I suspect you’re going to have a better weekend than I will…

  4. Ugh, had totally forgotten what this weekend meant for you. Make sure you have some pinot on hand for when it’s all over, and good luck.

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