you may have noticed that people who own apple gear like to cover said gear with stickers. part of this is cultural, the other part is because apple gear scratches if you breath on it funny.

I’m not a big fan of throwing 50 stickers on something, mainly because the odds of them coming off later are poor, and most stickers eventually wear. I’m also not a big fan of my mbp meeting the same, scratched-to-shit fate as my Ti.

enter GelaSkins, a Toronto-based company that takes prints and fits them to laptop sized sheets of 3M film. the film has a nifty adhesive that allows you to position it properly on the lid, and then press it in place with nary a bubble. smoooooth. it’s also thick enough that you really can’t see the glowing apple (another plus, in my books).

I saw them a couple months ago on one of the tech blogs, and then deb reminded me of them the other day in a tweet to pkim. I ordered it yesterday and it arrived today. installation was "wipe down laptop, peel, stick, smooth".

this is the result. I like.

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  1. So I finally broke down and got an ipod and I’m glad you linked that gelaskins site because they have some pretty awesome stuff.

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