On Wednesday nights, I go running with a few friends. The routine is usually meet at someone’s house at 1900, run for 45 minutes or so, then go to the pub for a meal, a drink or two, and some great conversation.

In the summertime it changes a little. Instead of going to the pub we head to someone’s house with food in hand and have a BBQ after. They run a little longer than the pub visits, but they’re an awful lot more fun.

Tonight it was my turn to cook, so I made beef kabobs and roast herbed potatoes. I marinated the beef in a mixture of soy, sesame oil, wasabi, maple syrup, and a Chinese five-spice mix. They were pretty awesome.

Terry brought a goat cheese, mandarin, and cranberry salad , Iz brough a fresh berry pie with a gluten-free pastry, and Pierre and Carol brought a couple bottles of a really nice Italian (!) Merlot. A phenomenal dinner.

I can honestly say that Wednesday is my favourite day of the week (although Thursday’s a little painful).

I love the summer.

2 thoughts on “aftermath

  1. Believe it or not, _all_ of our meals are gluten free 🙂 We’ve all become adept at using soy and rice flour as substitutes for wheat, and the results have been pretty darn good. Pierre’s a celiac, too, so we’re all good little nutritionists 🙂

    The pastry doesn’t hold quite as well as flour, but it’s not bad at all. Iz is indeed a great person, as is the rest of the group.

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