I made it into Heathrow on time last night, and tricked them into letting me into the country (although the Customs line was long, and the people guiding you to the gates were some of the rudest I’ve ever seen. Great first impression.) I tried to buy a ticket for the Heathrow Express, and the machine ate my one and only credit card. Thankfully, they have people on site to deal with that kind of thing, and after a bit of a wait I got my card back and went to the human to purchase my ticket.

On the recommendation of the group within my company I’m working for while here, I’m staying at a Citadines Apart’Hotel. it’s not quite what I expected. The bed’s a pull-out, and is not terribly comfortable. The walls are pretty thin, so I got to listen to shrieking girls/women for an hour or so before I finally dropped off. There’s no in-room network access, and they don’t provide anything like, say, a coffee maker, alarm clock, soap, or any of that good stuff. The soap would have been good to know about before I arrived. They do sell it in the lobby, and they don’t charge you your first-born (a good thing for me), so I guess it’s ok.

A very different hotel experience than any I’ve had. I’ll give it a chance, but so far I’m not too crazy about the place. I’ve become accustomed to comfortable beds, reasonably quiet rooms, and reasonably priced, in-room network access. So endeth the complaining. I know it’s different here, so I’ll deal 🙂 I also think being awake at 0230 subjective isn’t helping.

Now all I have to do is hope the client calls me so I can figure out where I’m supposed to go/be.

2 thoughts on “spoiled

  1. NO SOAP!!!!! *squint* and pretend it’s in black and white….. maybe that will help heh =/

  2. I have soap now 🙂 There’s a Sainsbury’s down the street, so I got some milk and cereal and berries and SOAP!!! All good, but doing the conversion of pounds sterling to $CAD is painful. Thankfully, I’ll get it all back.

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