fat guy, no little coat

On the way to my client site this morning the gym next door was handing out pamphlets on their professional fitness trainers. As props, they had a “before” and “after” person. The “after” was in great shape, the “before” looked like he weighed about 400 pounds, and was drinking a beer (it was 8:15am). I took out my camera to snap a pic, and he saw me and shouted “you take a fucking picture, I’m gonna get up and sit on you. mark my words, you don’t want to take my fucking picture.”

I saw the wisdom in his words, and didn’t take a picture. I’m hoping he’ll be back tomorrow so I can get a running start.

After a rough start last night (really, really long customs line and the Heathrow Express ticketing machine ate my only credit card), things went really well today. I like my client; they’re sharp and know exactly what our product strengths and weaknesses are, and I can actually help them with a couple problems they’re having. Back at the home office, another one of my team resigned last week, and our director let us know today that his last day was Friday.

Things to think about. Sunny (hah hah) London is treating me well, and I’ll be getting up early tomorrow to go for a walk and (hopefully) snap some pics.

3 thoughts on “fat guy, no little coat

  1. I’ll actually be in London in a couple weeks. It’s a stop on the way to Spain.

  2. Cool! Spain’s nice this time of year (hell, it’s nice pretty much any time of year). Whatcher gonna be doing there, Bru? Working, vacationing, or relocating?

    As an aside, there has been no fat man outside the last two days. Boo-urns.

  3. Going on a cruise with the family. We are stopping for a day and a half in London, then on to Spain where the cruise leaves from. The cruise hits four Italian ports and one Paris port. My family takes the best vacations.

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