light at the end of the tunnel

Early this morning I completed the final component of a work assignment that has had me in New Jersey for more than a month. The number one priority has been addressed, and everything looks like it’s running smoothly. There were hiccups, but pre-planning and a couple dry-runs beforehand exposed the kinks and allowed us to tighten everything down before we flipped the switch. (although there was still a nasty surprise or three thrown in to make life interesting)

I’ll be here for another five days to watch over, document, and prep a final report on the changes we’ve made, and will make some suggestions on what direction(s) could be considered moving forward. The anxiety and lead-up to last night has pretty much dissipated, although I’m really tired and a little cranky from a late night, a little caffeine, and an incredibly crappy breakfast. That said, even if anything should happen now, issues will be of the “here’s the deal” instead of “what if”, which iare much easier to deal with.

I’ll take in small chunks of the city this weekend to get a new bag, a couple gifts, and maybe a visit to the toy store, and will try and get over to Chez Trotta to enjoy their company (something I’ve been lucky enough to do a few times in the last month). Not a bad way to finish things off here.

The first of September will mark the end of five months of non-stop travel that have taken me to Toronto, Philadelphia, a big chunk of Scotland, San Francisco, Monterey, Tucson, Winnipeg, Denver, Atlanta, Chicago, and New York. Since moving into the new house in April, I have been home a total of three garbage days. Needless to say, I’m really looking forward to being home for a while, and maybe I’ll even unpack. My management promises this, and I intend to hold them to it.

Five more sleeps. Here’s hoping the next few days are uneventful, and Thursday arrives with minimal fanfare.

6 thoughts on “light at the end of the tunnel

  1. This is as good a moment as any to say that I like the pic at the top of your pages. Did you take it yourself?

    What I like about it is that it reminds me of running in the rain… when your are scrunching up you eyes to keep the streaming water out and have a tired lumpy bounce going on towards the end of the run, the world looks a lot like that, and it’s beautiful.

  2. Thanks! It’s one of my favourites, and is completely un-retouched other than being cropped. It’s from Scotland this spring, and was taken in the late afternoon/early evening after a rainfall while speeding down a fairly narrow road after a day of castle-viewing.

    I love the old rock wall with moss, the sense of motion, the bouncing around, and the green. The WP theme that’s been made around it is called “whoosh!”. I agree whole-heartedly on the run in the rain look – that’s my favourite time to run, and it does look a lot like that.

    For me it was also a great visual of time passing, how manic and harried the day can be, yet still retain it’s beauty.

  3. pri: or… you could take the pov in the pic as going downhill (which it is), and see it as a series of ups and downs 🙂

    mck: I think you may have even seen the same thing… although I’m not sure if it was as blurry. 🙂

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