good night

Last night, for the first time in the better part of a year, I managed to sleep the whole night through. I’m thinking things are starting to come together, and my body’s starting to like me again. Over the past few weeks I’ve:

  • cut my alcohol consumption down to one or two drinks on Fri and Sat with nothing the rest of the week
  • developed and stuck to a nutrition plan that limits intake to around 1,800 kcals/day using the zone guidelines
  • stretching 15-20 minutes, twice a day
  • running 3 times a week
  • core strength training 3 times a week

So far, so good, and I admit I’m feeling a lot better, although only a tiny bit less fat. The plantar’s is still annoying in the morning, but the stretching and consistent running is starting to loosen them up. I’m still a lot heavier than I want to be, and my travel schedule this summer has really fucked things up. It’s amazing how fatiguing and motivation-sucking non-stop travel is. I’m told the end of the tunnel is close, I just hope those telling me that stand by their word.

The theme for the month seems to be “purge”. I’ve been slowly getting rid of all the excess crap in my house on the weekends through want ads and freecycle, but I still have a fair bit to go. Old, unused furniture is on the way out, to be replaced by simpler affairs. Clothes that I’ll never wear again have gone to the Sally-Ann. Things that plug in are being donated, recycled, and sold (if there’s any worth in it). Books I’ll never read again are being re-distrubted in conventional and non-conventional ways. All these “things” I collect but don’t use are headed for the door, once and for all.

Now it’s time to do the same in my brain. Letting go of some of that clutter is going to be a lot harder. Still, I know that holding on to it is pointless, and will only cause me needless energy, so the sooner the better. Still…

Ah well, it’ll come. Ultimate starts Sep 11th, and Hockey (the kind I play) starts in October. It’s going to be a damn good fall, even though November already looks really close.

Here’s to many more good nights.

4 thoughts on “good night

  1. heh heh. I know. problem with having a beer on a Tue usually leads to 6. normally that’s not a problem, recently it’s been a habit. that’s not so good. resta assured, my tuesdays in cowtown during my visit will be in keeping with established pd decorum.

  2. Do mine eyes deceive me? Did you just try to justify NOT having a beer on a Tuesday?

    You go to the box for two minutes, and you feel shame.

  3. hrmmm… let me try and put it in a different light. when you are consuming 6-10 alcoholic beverages per day, there may be a problem. i am unwilling to give it up, but had to do something about the self-control part of the equation. using a schedule with fixed rules helps a lot, and making exceptions for special occasions is permitted. plus, not having many folks who are willing and/or able to go for a beverage makes it less enjoyable.

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