6k, the hard way

For the past year I’ve had an excuse not to run. I tore the shit out of my soleus, followed it up with straining all my extensors and landing on my back for the better part of a month, and promptly severely sprained my ankle after getting off said back. During that time I’ve run on and off, but it’s always been a far cry from the 25k Sunday long, slows I was doing.

I’m back on track, but am finding I get to go through all the crap I had gone through a couple years ago when I started. It’s a struggle, and pretty much all the aches and pains stem from a loss of flexibility because I’ve been sitting on my (now fat) ass for so long. My ITB flares up once in a while, and I’ve got a swell case of plantar fasciitis so, things hurt a little.

Last night was the first run in a long, long time that felt good. It was only 6km, but it was a nice, late run after sundown where the humidity and temperatures had been reduced significantly from the day (I’m a cold weather person – heat doth suck). I also have a kick-ass running partner in Sylvie, and it’s good to be able to rattle off all the excuses of why we’re going to suck before going for the run. In any event, we ran a slow, 40-minute 6km, but it was an excellent, slow, 40-minute 6km.

I feel like I’m back. What took so long?

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