well, that’s a relief

At the start of the summer, I was averaging +6 for a round at the Jacques Cartier disc golf course. On one of said rounds, I threw my Pro Tee-bird into the Ottawa river on the first hole. This round kicked off 5 consecutive rounds in the double-digits, including one of +17, which is about what I shot when I first started playing.

Part of the blame I’ll put on learning two new discs, fatigue, and buggered up balance from eating poorly the last few months, but mostly I missed the disc that is (presumably) sitting in the muck somewhere. It consistently went (close enough to) where I wanted it to, which gives a person a surprising amount of confidence. The news discs, not so much.

I finally got fed up of going to the Ultimate Disc Golf store only to find it closed, and badgered the guy at the CD counter to let me in and poke around. I found one Pro Tee-Bird (they’re no longer made), and snapped it up. I then met up with James and shot a +8. I feel better now.

2 thoughts on “well, that’s a relief

  1. I was on the green in 3, but I just couldn’t figure out how to get the damn disc into that 3 inch hole.

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