i didn’t take no stereos

I’m sorry, Rafael is full of shit. His story changes from “I’ve never done steroids, period” to “I never knowingly took steroids”.

Give me a break.

Remember a certain sprinter who claimed someone put steroids in his water? Palmeiro is alluding to the same kind of thing now, although I’m sure the story will be refined over the next few days to the belief that he was taking some kind of vitamin complex.

In this day and age, how can you possibly just blindly in(jec/ges)t what someone gives you? Plameiro is now stating that no one should take things from someone who’s not a licensed physician. So who was he taking stuff from? What, exactly, was he nailed on? Does anyone other than me think “don’t ask questions, and plead ignorance later” isn’t an excuse?

Everyone’s cutting him slack because he sounded so earnest about not taking steroids during the congressional hearings. Whaaaaaaat? Politicians sound ernest, too, when they’re campaigning. Makes you kinda wonder if Canseco really was lying, don’t it?

He’s currently tainted, and the holier-than-thou facade has crumbled, because it sure didn’t sound like denial or a plea of innocence coming out of his mouth. It could be that he tested positive for a by-product or banned substance that are produced by over-the-counter medicines, but you’d think if that was the case he’d be outlining what happened. The fact that he’s not saying anything other than it being unintentional makes me think “suuure you didn’t take no stereos”.

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