well, this is a first

I’ve travelled a lot over the past decade, but I can’t recall ever being in a situation like this before. I had a later flight from Toronto to Ottawa, and we arrived at around 23:30 to thunderstorms. The airport uses a lightning sensor (which measures localised static electricity) and, when it hits a certain point, shuts down the airport ground operations. They did that around 22:45, from what we’re told.

We’re 50 feet from the gate, and ave been so since we landed. There are 9 other planes in the same boat. Wireless actually extends out to the plane, so that’s been providing entertainment for a while 🙂

In any event, I’ve sat on the tarmac for more than an hour several times waiting to take off. I’ve never sat on it waiting to park. It’s mildly entertaining to be 200 yds from my car and not be able to get to it.

Oop – and as I type this, the engines spool, and away we go…

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