deadsquid’s reaction to the mj trial

well, everyone else is doing it, why not us? Here’s our uncensored, highly-biased, and completely worthless commentary on the Jacko verdict:

[15:17] <rw> right now i am overhearing the corporate controller and the legal secretary talking about how they are waiting for the verdict, watching the cnn feltboard
[15:23] <coop> i marked jacko as having shot a circle snowman on that last hole
[15:24] <shaver> that _sounds_ bad
[15:25] <netboy> shi, innocent on all counts
[15:25] <coop> yay, being famous still means something!
[15:25] <netboy> As long as you have money, you are innocent
[15:25] <bks> Where's our motherfucking movie cheque?
[15:26] <kev> I guess he can beat it with impunity again
[15:31] <coop> well, he *is* a smooth criminal
[15:37] <hoye> They'd have convicted him for sure if he was black.
[15:38] <netboy> Personally, I think he's bad.
[15:38] <netboy> The trial has been quite a thriller to follow though.
[15:49] <kev> I hope Annie's ok after all of this
[15:50] <shaver> . . .
[15:50] <rw> the votes are in. hoye's comment was funniest.
[15:50] <rw> now, on to the "hung jury" puns

And this concludes the deadsquid commentary on the Jacko case. More later, when the civic trial starts.

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