So, I made it to Tucson. It’s a gorgeous city, and my only complaint so far has been that Hertz’s map wasn’t quite to scale, resulting in exploring a little more than I wanted to on my way from the airport to the hotel. I’m at a Four Points Sheraton just outside the University of Arizona. Their stadium is much bigger than Frank Clair, and it looks to be in a lot better shape, too.

I have some Negra Modelo, which does not come in a twist top (thank you desk top that doubles as an opener), and a chooge burrito which was amazing. I can see the hills from my room, and it’s a pretty impressive view (the pics don’t do it justice).

It’s about 85 degrees F, and is dry as a bone, so the heat is really quite enjoyable. The pool is ready to go, and I’ll be swimming laps tomorrow instead of going for a run. It’s a nice place… I think I’m going to enjoy my trip here.

3 thoughts on “tucson

  1. Well, asking for an accurate scale on a map is really asking a lot, don’t you think?
    It’s like asking for it to have the right street names, or for North to be at the top.

    -mr. sarcasm

  2. Well, North was at the top, and I suppose it really wasn’t only the scale. It identified a single road with a street name. Unfortunately, the street kept breaking off the main road. Of course, since I was told to follow the street, I did, and that got me in trouble. If I had stuck to the main road, which turned into a parkway and back into the street closer to my destination, I would have been fine.

    As it was, I got to see some interesting residential areas, an industrial park, and a dead end. Very educational.

  3. Hell’s Bells son, except for the fact it looks a Little greener, and there are buildings over two stories tall, you could be in Palm Springs visiting my parents!

    (I know I know, it’s not far)

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