off we go…

So, travel has started once again. The last few years have been nice to me time-wise, and its been a mixed blessing to work primarily from Ottawa. I have, however, missed travelling. There’s something I really like about breaking a month up with a trip or three to places away from home.

I’m off to Tucson, AZ to meet with a client and do my first project with my new employer. The client seems pretty decent, and Tucson is a place I’ve never been before.

I brought my camera, and plan on doing a little hiking next weekend or on one of the evenings I’m there, time allowing. Walt assures me this is a great time of year to go, and I’m kind of hoping to catch the desert bloom.

It’s a 7.5 hour trip, and my flight boards in a twenty minutes or so. I’m looking forward to this all of a sudden, which has caught me a little off guard. I wasn’t big on going this morning, but now that I’m here I’m pretty sure this will be one of those good trips.

Back into the breech I go. Here’s hoping it’s a smooth ride.

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