who’s old? run’s old!

Ok, seriously. What’s with all these references to getting old from the pups? Did people take a creaky pill this weekend, or is it just because it’s the end of February and we’re all about ready for a spring rejuvenation?

I wasn’t feeling old today (still don’t, but I’m wavering).

Today was one of those cold and snowy days where I couldn’t shake the cold, so I’m finishing the eve with a wee dram of an Aberlour 15 year-old (whisky) with a Sherry Wood finish. It’s a good way to finish the evening on a warm note.

And yes, I know whisky can be an old man’s drink. Shaddup.

4 thoughts on “who’s old? run’s old!

  1. if it makes you feel any better, I drink scotch. And I’m only 25.5xxx (the x’s to hide my real age)

    so, drinking scotch could mean you are young at heart.

    Or that I have issues.

  2. or both 😉

    hee hee – tranformers, the flyers, and whisky. impressive!

    good to see you’re still trolling from time to time, yehyeh! How’s the land of the buffalo treating you?

  3. lack of hockey is bumming me out, and as much as I like to follow prospects, I’d rather not tune into ohl broadcasts featuring the greyhounds, rangers, or attack.

    I miss hockey dearly.

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