sled saturday

If coop is old, what does that make me? I’m curious in that “oh look, a cement truck” kind of way. I’d say axe is not allowed to answer, but he wouldn’t listen, and where would be the fun in not getting smacked down after leaving the door wide open?

Saturday night coop and Kristina had their annual tobogganning party at the Bruce Pit in Nepean. I actually managed to go down the hill a number of times, usually with little control, but a much higher success rate than a previous attempt.

There were a variety of plastic and metal conveyances to send us merrily down the hill, and I think we all managed to get snow in places you wouldn’t expect to get it. After a couple of face-first runs where I learned not to use my knees or rib cage as a shock absorber, I managed to have a number of successful runs. I think I was still running up the hill at the end, but really can’t recall. It was a good time, and the only damage I did was aggravating a separated shoulder from Phauleeg.

Following the sledding, we headed back to kris & coop’s to enjoy some tasty beverages (Absolut Raspberri, tonic, and frozen raspberries is recommended), a bite to eat, and some gorgeous pictures from Bora Bora. Oh, and there may have been a good conversation or two in there, too.

A very nice way to spend a Saturday evening. Thanks, guys!

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