robbie burns

Today is Robbie Burns day, and I’m currently in Toronto. McK had pointed this out earlier, and when I called shaver to see if he was around, he pointed it out as well, and mentioned that they were celebrating.

Being the celebrating sort, I joined them at the Duke of York for dinner. We all had the haggis, which was excellent and came with a “wee dram” as an added bonus. We got to witness the haggis being piped in, the ode to said haggis, and we were assured said haggis was duly knifed, as per tradition. I may even have snuck in a pint or two (hey, we were celebrating) amidst the blue and white.

A super dinner with shaver, Tyla, and a couple of their friends. Conversation centred on, of all things, comparing economic models to democracies and the stock market. I was a little bagged to say anything intelligent – not that I would have – but it was fun to watch some animated discussion and try and derail it once in a while by poking fun.

Every time I come to Toronto, I like it a little more. Funny how supping with nice folks will do that.

Happy Birthday to the Bard! Be sure to raise your glass towards Scotland this eve.

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  1. See, this place wasn’t stinky, the average age of the pipers was close to ours, and it was a very cool place to be for a bevvie or two. Sorry it was quite a different story out there, maybe they need the crust washed off them or something. I also think the smoking ban has a *lot* to do with it being enjoyable.

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