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I know why I don’t like Mondays, so I guess I don’t really need anyone to tell me. Today was one of those long, tiring, annoying Mondays that start off poorly at 5am. I can’t go into specifics for a couple of reasons, but thankfully things got better at the end of the day. I may go into specifics later.

On another note, I came up with my definition of a good sales rep: someone who doens’t make promises they’ll benefit from at the expense of others. I got into an argument over that one with a rep who characterized me as “one of those techno-weenies who doesn’t want to do the work required to close the deal”. This after telling me he “didn’t care what proposals writers thought” after bringing them an RFP due on Monday at 5pm on Friday. Interesting guy, and I didn’t smack him, although it was tempting.

My all-time favourite rep is a guy by the name of Calude Paquette. Claude works (worked?) for Cray Research, and was without question one of the best people at managing relationships I have ever seen. He knew everything about his customers, what they needed, and what we had to offer. He brought in the right people at the right time, and never chased bad business. At Christmas he’d send out close to 500 cards, all personalized. It’s too bad he’s one in a thousand.

Oh yeah – holiday travellers need to be beaten. They still don’t get it.

3 thoughts on “tell me why

  1. I just followed your link back to your 2003 entry. My GOD you put a TON of time and effort into that blog – including little mouse-overs??!!

  2. Check out most of our rants, they all have that kinda thing. A lot of the links (although probably not the majority) here have snarky titles. We used to do it a lot more on pintday, and I will make an effort to get back to it.

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