always bet on vanilla… or not.

Hrmm… Mike‘s blog closes posts after a certain amount of time (presumably to cut down on comment spam), but doesn’t tell you until after you’ve spent a couple minutes typing it all out. Frustrating.

In any event, because I refuse to throw away those two minutes of my life, here’s my comment to one of his posts.

Back to the President’s Choice grinder – did you know it had vanilla bean in it as well? I’m thinking the vanilla/cinnamon combination may not be the culprit. I’m wondering how much salt is in the ice cream, as I would suspect that may have more to do with it. I’ll have to try it out, because I really need some creamy genoa goodness (I’ll leave the salami out of that visual, thank you very much).

Coop – you saw both of them with Axe. Doesn’t that count as being informed? That said, I will admit, I consider both movies “not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good” – especially that whole rave-sprinkler thing at the start. And Kris Kristofferson – what a riveting performance!

Always bet on black.

Ok, that’s all for now. Does Moveable Type allow you to let people know comments are closed for an item, like WordPress does?

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