call me gimpy

So, I went to see the doctor about my calf today. It was a typical appointment – wait 30 minutes past the appointment time, spend 15 minutes going over the problem with a (very nice) doctor-in-training, and then get told “You probably tore it in May and that created a bunch of scar tissue. Last week, you re-injured the scar tissue. Rest, anti-inflammatories, and massages to work it out are in order. Come back in two weeks.” Whee.

So, long story short, I can do anything provided it’s not load bearing, and have to keep working on breaking up the scar tissue. Thankfully, Tina is great, and will help me with getting rid of the crap. I’ll be off any kind of excessive loading excercise (read: ultimate, running, and hockey) until at least September which, coupled with the last round of sitting out, means the NYC marathon in November is out (along with $125.00USD in registration fees).


Ah well, beats being put in a cast, and I can still workout and do cardio on machines. Here’s hoping it gets better soon, and that I don’t have to resort to something like Moxa to cure what ails me.

2 thoughts on “call me gimpy

  1. You can defer the entry to NYC, though, right?
    i.e. You don’t need to go lottery next year…?

  2. No lottery next year, but losing the $125.00 in reg fees is somewhat tough to swallow. At least I hadn’t booked airfare or hotel and lost more that way. It’s more disappointing than anything else – the stretching (pni) out since May makes it border on annoying. I am taking your advice, and will group lead the LTR in September here at the Slater store.

    Oh, and to actually respond to your query, I do have guaranteed entry in November. Provided I do things in a sane manner, I will run two marathons next year – the NCM and the NYC. That’s my plan, here’s hoping I’ve learned enough and can follow through. 🙂

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