…does anyone care that the Summer Olympics start in a couple weeks? I know I’m having a hard time pretending to be interested. It’s really sad, because the folks that are participating have been working hard to get there, and deserve some respect and appreciation, but it’s been hard to come by.

It’s a big sponsor show, and that’s what I think of it now. Not games, not competition, not sport, not amateurs, and certainly nothing pure. I’ve seen more pictures of the Nike suit that Perdita Felicien is wearing than anything else. I’ve seen $40 “Canada” t-shirts at Roots. I see the Canadian Olympic logo on everything at work (we’re a sponsor). I read about the NBA stars from down south self-destructing, WTA members threatening to boycott the games because Germany has higher standards for team membership than others, and multiple stories about how Greece really sucks at getting ready for the games.

Gosh – all this talk about logistical quagmires and pros that make too much money sucking and bitching – that really gets me interested.

I doubt I’ll watch any of it, it’s just so full of shit. Besides, you just know that there’ll be some doping allegations at some point, which adds a layer of tarnish to everything no matter how true or untrue the allegations are.

How sad.