weekends are for slacking

Today was a pretty decent day, starting off with brunch at the Pump, and followed by a round of disc golf at the Jacques Cartier course over in Hull Gatineau. I played with “real” discs for the first time, and managed to play bogey golf; I’ll take it. The hardest part was getting accustomed to using a power grip, which is essential if you like the skin on your throwing hands’ index finger.

Kerri and her daughter Jessica, who were staying with us for race weekend, arrived around 14:00 and we took off to the Fieldhouse at Carleton University to pick up our race kits. Very well organized, a tonne of people were there, and the expo was not too bad (although it needed more freebies 🙂 ).

Jessica ran the 5k at 17:00, so she and Kerri took off to the start line, and I went to grab some ingredients for dinner. Dinner was New York strip sirloins marinated and then grilled on the barbie and accompanied by baked potatoes and a salad with a diijon-vinaigrette. Was very tasty.

A good conversation followed the face-stuffing, and now I’m watching a little bit of toob before retiring. Not a bad day, at all.