the results are in

…and it seems like folks ran some pretty good times in the half marathon. Jenn finished 156th overall, and 12th among women, in 1:31:36.5. Sylvie finished in a kick-ass 2:10:18.5, and Kerri finished up in 2:21:54.6. Congrats, folks!

I walked Kerri to the starting line, and it was amazing how many people were out. Lots of folks having a great time, and the folks cheering along the race route was impressive. It was a perfect day for a run, with the temperature around 13 degrees at the start with nary a cloud in the sky. I wish I had been there, but as everyone has pointed out multiple times, there will be plenty more in the coming years. Feeling sorry for myself stops now.

I got to watch a bit of the marathon as well. I went and grabbed some bagels from the best place to get them in the city, and hung out on the Bank Street bridge watching the leaders head down Colonel By Drive on the second leg of the course. Amazing how they can keep that pace up the entire time, kick it up a notch with 10k to go, then kick it up again in the final 2k.

Fan support was good, media coverage was ok, and you couldn’t ask for a better day. The whole experience (both the good and bad) has helped to strenghten my resolve for making it to New York in November.