sunday’s verdict…

…is no running for kev.

I’m pretty upset, and words can’t describe the letdown I’m feeling at this moment.

I’ve been training for this event since December and now that it’s here, I can’t run. Like kj says, there’s only one ankle and many half marathons, but I really wanted this. For once, I am going to do the smart thing and listen to something other than my brain (and Sylvie’s “you could spend 6-8 weeks in a cast” statement was also convincing). In this case it’s my solerus doing most of the talking, so I guess I’ll listen to it.


2 thoughts on “sunday’s verdict…

  1. Sorry to hear it Kev. Just keep in mind all of the other goals that were accomplished while training for the race. I’d say in the grand scheme of things, the actual running of the race is a small achievement in light of some of the other changes you’ve made.

  2. maybe this was “the final test”. 🙂 appreciating the journey rather than the destination!

    you’re a step closer tothe dark side now (type B) 😀

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