winning isn’t everything

So last night was one of the more painful moments in sport I’ve witnessed. Not painful “owww!!!!”, but painful “feck. maybe I could have made a bit of a difference had I been playing”. Our team played Shiny last night, and it was a 180 degree turnaround from the previous outing. I wasn’t playing due to my leg (which still hurts), and we were a little short on men, so I felt even worse.

Everyone got off to a great start, and opened a 6-2 lead. Unfortunately, not one person on Shiny is over 30, and the age and (lack of) conditioning of our team really started to show after 20 minutes. It was 8-7 for the opposition at the half, and 15-11 at the end of the game for the bad guys. It was nice to see everyone show so much promise, and more importantly, so much smart playmaking. I little more oomph here and there and we would have had the game, it’s just that fatigue set in and killed us on transition.

It makes you wonder what a fresh set of (uninjured) legs that can go the whole game (usually) without sparing might have done. All in all, a really good effort, and the zone defense was working really well (man… welll… not so much in the second half). Everyone finsihed happy, and I think next week may be a little different. Louise was back as well, which added a lot.

Great effort, really close (more than the score shows), everyone was talking during the game and happy after, and next week is the return to form.

Today was spent in Montreal. One of my staff leaves for a new position next Wednesday, and we’re covering transition with a new addition to the team. Was a very good session, but I’m going to miss working with Cat and exchanging Anglais vs. French barbs.

Why is it that pizza is so much better in Montreal, anyways? It’s not really what I’d consider a delicacy in Québec, but for some reason I can’t remember ever having bad ‘za there.

For the first time in my train riding experience, VIA was on-time both legs of a trip. I bought a lottery ticket.