bomb your neighbours

This is too fucking cool. I love scale model RC planes that have turbines – if you’ve ever seen one-or more importantly, heard one-you’ll know why. This model of a B-52 is, however, way over the top. 300lbs. and a full complement of eight engines (at 3k apiece, according to some of the posts) out-gun anything I have for “most expensive toy”.

You could have sooooo much fun with something like. this around the ‘hood. I wonder what the significance of tail number 57-6483 is, though? The real plane this one is modeled after is in the boneyard. Very, very, very cool. I would just like to see it live.

One thought on “bomb your neighbours

  1. WOW! That is H-O-T. Videos are awesome. I can’t imagine the money that went into that.

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