all that preparation

So it’s now five days until the race, and I’ve managed to damage myself. I don’t know whether it was playing ultimate last Wednesday, working out the following Thursday, or just some weird, random accident. I do know that walking home Thursday night was excruciating, and that it still hurts.

I seem to have torn some of the connective tissue on my right tibilais anterior, to the point where there’s deep bruising visible through the skin at the connecting point. It doesn’t look like much, but it’s preventing me from running, and it’s been a painful distraction for almost five days now. On top of that, my cleats gave me a silver-dollar sized blister on my heel on Wednesday, which is adding to the joy of movement. Thankfully, Dr. Scholl’s blister pads will take care of the latter, and are amazingly effective.

I’m so happy I’ve spent the last seven months getting to this point. I finally get close to the big day, and I feel broken. Sunday will no longer be about speed, it’ll just be about completing (if I race at all). What a downer. I’m going to skip the game tomorrow night in hopes that I’ll be able to heal in time. I’m not terribly optimistic.

2 thoughts on “all that preparation

  1. Been there. Ice, tensor bandages, judicious use of Advil, and a trip to a sports therapist. It’s taper week, anyway!

    Of course – it’s not worth racing if you’re going to do yourself damage. There are lots of Half Marathons, and few ankles.

  2. Yeah, I know, but sometimes it’s really irritating when I think about how much effort I put into getting ready for this stupid race. If it was two weeks earlier, I would have kicked serious ass. As it stands, I’ll prolly be running more than 2 hours, which is kind of dissapointing.

    I went for a short run, and the pain is merely a dull throb. I think I’m gonna be able to run. I’ll do another test on Saturday, and we’ll make the call then.

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