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Go Flames, Go!

It’s nice to see a team who has filled, on average, 92% of the seats for every home game in the last eight years make the Stanley Cup. It’s even nicer when you take into account the fact that seven of those eight years they didn’t make the playoffs. I think they can do it, and I think they and their fans really deserve it.

I’d say sorry to the San Jose fans, but I wouldn’t mean it.

2 thoughts on “sweeeeet!!!

  1. Given that the Sharks eliminated my boys, there is no love lost to see the Flames take them out of the run. The Flames DO deserve to win the Cup, but just the same, it would be nice to see TB take it as well.

    Given that so many of my Canadian friends have made this a USA vs CAN issue, I’m going to have to go with TB…. =)

  2. I’ve been reading a lot about the CAN vs. USA bit, and I just don’t get it. Both teams have a smattering of North Americans and Europeans, and neither team is truly American nor Canadian. The fan bases are, and the Calgary fans rabidly so.

    I’ll settle for good hockey and a conspicuous absence of the trap. Last night was a good start to that, here’s hoping they keep the flow and the hitting going. I like the bolts because I’ve been an Andreychuk fan since he played for the Leafs, and I wouldn’t mind seeing him hoist the cup as captain. I like the Flames ’cause Calgary is what every hockey town should be. It is unbelievable how pumped the fans get, and the street celebrations ain’t so bad, either. I think Iginla has the COnn Smythe this year, because he has been consistently spectacular.

    It’s gonna be a good series any way it works out. I lean towards rooting for the Flames, as I’ve got family and friends out there, and the fans in Calgary deserve the win.

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