You know when you wait a considerable time for something, expecting for it to be amazing, and it turns out to completely suck ass? That happened tonight. After a six month wait, summer ultimate season started up tonight. We got destroyed. It wasn’t fun, at all.

Very few people showed up to play (we had a full complement of players), and everyone dragged their asses around the field all night. Ah well, it’s the first game, right? I’m covered with scrapes and bruises from laying out (mostly on D), but I don’t feel very good about my play. I also had a relatively embarassing tirade when I dropped a very catchable pass in the endzone for the second time (I was yelling at myself, but it still wasn’t very cool).

I will say, the most demoralizing event of the game was when the other team asked if we minded if they practiced their zone in the second half, because they were really bad at it. Mind? Hell no, you’ve only taken what was an agonizing ass-whupping and have turned it into something that you’ll use as a training exercise because you figure we’re that bad. At least you asked, and we did say “ok”.

We normally play zone D, and switched to man to man and actually played a little better in the second half. They only practiced zone for a couple points, and switched back after we picked it up a little. Still I think it was 15-3, or something awful like that. Team yellow, meet team orange.

We did practice for an hour after the game, and it went reasonably well. Hopefully this will be the only game of the season that plays out this poorly.

I went to Pierre and Carol’s afterwards, and they put a couple beers and an amazing shishkebob from the Glebe Meat Market in me, followed by some excellent (and hysterical) conversations with my running group (Carol, Pierre, Iz, and Kerry). After that, everything feels a little better.

Still – total pwnage sucks hairy monkey nuts.