Listening to: Conference calls – nothing but conference calls.

I’m working from home today because I’m finally getting some decent doors put on my apartment. The main entrance off the lobby was a hollow core interior door fer fuck sake. I felt secure, let me tell you. The guy doing the job is pretty cool, and his son is helping him out. They have a lot of work to do, and it’s freezing outside.

Today falls into the category of “good day”, my third or fourth such day in the last couple of weeks. Things are starting to come together, and I’m hoping my wee little attitude change has something to do with it.

We had a call with a vendor we might be doing some work with in the future. The problem is this vendor is a family member – my company owns a majority share. Because we’re family, the attitude has been “trust us”. Pardon my french, but fuck that. Been there, got the extended family pain enema and I want no part of it. You’re a vendor, I’m a customer, and if I don’t think you can deliver I am going to run screaming away. The call was with the family members to explain my company’s position. The exec who I felt treated me like a retard (some more objective analysis suggested I may have been over-reacting) was on the call. I was intending to be a fly on the wall, my boss had other intentions.

We got on, made the introductions, and my boss said “Kev, this is your show, walk us through it”. I was totally unprepared for it, but took up the reins and away we went. It went very well. I even got kudos from both my boss and the exec. It went so well that I’m the only one going to Saint John for the face-to-faces, as my exec felt I could handle it. I knew I could all along, but it’s amazing what one exchange can do to convince people I know what I’m talking about and can do the job. I haven’t had that feeling since I started at Globix almost four years ago. It was good.

So, now I get to prep for a three-day meeting in Saint John, NB. There’s not much to do there, I’ve been there before. Thankfully there is a hockey team, and there’s a game on Wednesday night – I know what I’ll be doing that night. It’s going to be an interesting few days, and I hope everything works out such that both parties have their reservations but feel they can live with it. The work we’re looking at is easy to fuck up, and we need a solution that works the first time out of the gate.

One door pretty much completed. They have to come back tomorrow to put the other one in and finish the one they started today. They didn’t mention that before, looks like I’m working from home tomorrow. It’s only 1pm, so I can scoot into work to cover off a bunch there.

The workouts are going well. I’m a little sore, but I’ll live with it. Tomorrow will be the first one-two day, where I start doing two workouts on successive days with one day of rest (repeat). My workouts are all low-impact, so my body can handle it for a few months before it starts to complain and remind me how old I’m getting. It’s a great way to tone up and lose weight, and is what I call my NYC plan (which I’ve mentioned before). I’m sleeping through the night each night, so this no booze and exercise thing is working.