Listening to: My spleen burst while venting to myself

Sometimes, my morning spam gives me a chuckle, today it gave me a laugh. The subject was “Deep Fisting Rodeo – Yee-hahh!”, and I will confess my right-brain kicked in for a second. I just have a hard time picturing a group of folks sitting around a table throwing catchy phrases around on how best to pitch a fisting site. While I didn’t check the site out, it did catch my attention and my sense of humour (twisted).

So how do you tell people who know nothing about you that you’re not a total retard? The project I’m working on is seriously fucked up, and has been for quite some time by the looks of it. I’ve been evaluating the whole package since I was put on it in mid-December, and I can honestly say the people who brought the product suite into this ‘lil old world of ours should be taken out, shot, pissed on, and never spoken of again.

Service expectations weren’t set with the customers or the internal groups – the Internet ain’t dial tone, and a 20 minute delay from the time you send mail to your account when load is high happens. At least we’re not like Videotron, Sympatico, and other groups that can have delivery delays of twelve hours or more, but I digress. Let’s just say it’s pretty fucked up. So me, being who I am, have started telling people it’s fucked up and we should really re-think what we’re doing. I have since discovered that being the new guy and bringing comments like this into the fold is a bad thing.

I’m the messenger, and I’m also the fifth person to lead this project over the past fourteen months. No wonder it’s a mess. In any case, one of our VP’s sent an email that told me exactly how I was to proceed. I felt like I was back in grade school getting punished for something someone else did. In response, I totally surprised myself. I got a little pissed, but instead of saying “fuck you” and looking for another job I said “fuck you, I’m gonna show you how wrong you are”. It’s almost like I’m growing up or something. Unlikely for sure, but it’s a possibility. I’ll stick this one out until things are running sweetly, then think about bailing. 😉