Listening to: Holly Cole Trio

Some day I will stop doing stupid things. Today is not that day.

I’ve been living in a fridge for the past couple of days, as our boiler has been on the blink and it’s been –20 degrees Celsius outside. The repairman came this evening, as they were done all the “priority” cases. I really hope there were multiple houses with babies without heat for as long as we were, because I’m not sure how we didn’t make the cut.

Apparently another tech had been out at four and reported everything was fine. I’m betting he hit the breaker on the burner, watched it run for 2 minutes, and thought to himself “idiot tenants”. The problem was, the damn thing stopped after running for 3 minutes (kinda like Shayne Corson during the regular season) and popped the breaker. We knew this. We articulated this to the service desk. Seems they didn’t listen.

Anyways, the furnace was fixed and had been running for a while, so I wanted to see if the radiators were warming up. We have baseboard radiators which have a solid metal plate with vents at the top – very effective. The metal plate was still cold, so I thought I’d check the fins. I stuck all four fingers in the vent and sure enough, there was warmth. In my glee I stood up before removing my fingers from said vent, removing most of the skin from my ring finger. Note to self – pull hand out, then stand up. Failing this, stop when you realize your fingers aren’t going to make it out of the vent without force.


I managed to walk about 4km today, and did a 50-minute cardio/20-minute freeweight workout. I’ll hurt tomorrow, I think.

Work is getting interesting, although I’m now stuck with the task of reworking the business case. Seems if you find the shit here, you get to shovel it up. Ah well, it’ll keep me busy.