Hah hah. Our technology group – whose assessment was the driving factor in choosing a group to deliver some services – are trying to plead they’re swamped with work. I pointed out the reason our group was where we were with the service in question was because of their decision, and I wanted them there to make sure there was no mistake we were doing the right thing. It’s funny how the bugs scurry for the darkness when you turn on the lights to see what they were doing. From three days of “assessment” there were five documents produced – two of which came from the vendor. The other three were a one-page e-mail, an agenda presentation, and a comparative analysis that used a four-star rating with no documented explanation for the ratings. Great work guys, no wonder you are gods in my company.

Spent most of the morning ironing out wrinkles, following up voice mail, educating people on spam, and wondering who designed our existing infrastructure so poorly. I also had a pot of decaf – using 20oz mugs makes it go faster.

There’s a big hole where my front door used to be, with sawdust between the front door and back. I’m getting a 30” door put in, which is two inches wider than the old one. Two inches doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s the difference between getting stuff through it. I also discovered the guy who designed the place wasn’t a complete moron when it came to securing the premises. The exterior walls are a layer of cement board topped by drywall. Note to self: do not punch exterior walls if angry.

Ok, doors are done. They look awesome. If you’re looking for a reasonably-priced handyman in the Ottawa area, I’ve got a reference for one. I actually feel a little more secure, and I can now actually use the back door of my apartment. It’s too late to go to the office, so I’ll just finish up some Halo… errr… work here.

Worked out this eve. The way I do my cardio for my one-twos is an endurance ride of fifty minutes the first day, and twenty-five minutes of interval training at a higher level the second. I was really tired at the end of today’s workout, but that shouldn’t be surprising.

I met up with axe at Patty’s for our Thursday evening beverages. I thought it would be tougher than it was, what with all the beer and all. It wasn’t. Soda water is a refreshing substitute, and being able to make objective analyses of the women in the bar after two or three of them is a novelty. Axe explained some of the math he was working on, and I have to say some of the stuff sounds really, really, cool and are brilliant in their simplicity, while other stuff sounds scary and hurts my brain.

Oh – and watching the Leafs get owned by Detroit was great fun, too. Detroit spent a good chunk of the game in the box, so I wonder who they’re going to blame the loss on this time. It’d be nice if they actually realized they got beat tonight, instead of behaving like whiny little bishes.