Listening To: Drop the Hate – Fatboy Slim

More forensics today. I had to use my brain and come up with math I hadn’t used in a very long time. Funny that. Thankfully, I only got stuck on some simple equations for a little while. I had to figure out percentages of revenue for multiple packages based on projected take rates. It was needed so I could figure out how many subscribers we’d need for a particular revenue number, which would help to determine how much capital I’d need for infrastructure. I’m not making this up, it is as convoluted as it sounds, but apparently it’s what we do.

I adjusted our numbers, they were way too high. I still think they’re high, but apparently adjusting them more in a downwards direction would be bad. Who am I to argue?

Other people here can’t count either. We have service packages and options for those packages. In order to purchase an option, you must have a package. It goes to figure that if you have a customer with a service package and three options, it’s still one customer, right? Not so here, for some reason the powers that be here would count that as four customers. I don’t understand, but that’s the way it is. As a result, I have about 25% less customers than I thought I did. It also totally fucked up my assumed take rates. Oh – and of the real customers, 5% ain’t paying a dime. Joy.

It’s positively balmy outside today, and I’m happy we’re finally seeing some warmer weather. It’ll play some havoc with the canal I’m sure, but it’s supposed to be cold later on in the week. I’ll enjoy it while it lasts.

Sandy and I stopped in for a couple beverages at Patty’s on the way home, and tried to figure out how we got where we were. Then the Senator’s came on and scored two quick goals. Work was forgotten, the beer was cold and fresh. Life was good.

Tried walking Derek through fixing the PC. No such luck. It’s fucked. I think I know where I’m going tomorrow night.

In spite of all the nonsense, I had a productive day. It was even good. I marvel at the insanity, but it felt good to do something useful that required stretching my brain.