More number crunching, and I’m really not liking what I’m finding. *sigh* I also prepared a list of items for discussion with the “vendor” we
re negotiating with to provide some services. This vendor is majority owned by my company, so if this doesn’t work out I’ll have some ‘splaining to do.

Another decent day, but I hate beating my head against the wall on successive days. It’s bad for the melon.

Went out to Derek’s to take a look at the PC I installed earlier which now refuses to boot. I have no idea why it won’t boot. I ended up swapping his old one back in, and will take the uncooperative unit back home for testing this weekend. It may be a HD problem, but it also may be a motherboard problem. In wither case it’s icky, I’ve had enough of computers for a while.

Met up with Axe and Coop at Patty’s after I was finished at Derek’s. They had come from Daredevil and the two things that I came away with following their review was that Jennifer Garner was seriously hot, and the Cradle 2 Grave trailer was amazing. I guess the movie itself was a letdown. Too bad, DD is one of the comics I like best.