and a surge at the finish

I found a use for the Origin 200 that has been collecting dust and taking up cupboard space for the last three or four years. It seems that the OpenBSD project is looking for old SGI hardware for porting to the MIPS platform. So, instead of getting $500 on eBay, I’ll donate it to something useful. I did this way back when Shaver and Miguel (and others) were working on Linux for MIPS, so it’s nice to be able to help a little.

Well, I took the bus in today, so I’m kinda guessing there is no transit strike in Ottawa. It was pretty annoying how little coverage there has been in the papers or on the radio. I’d like to blame it on the mega-corporations that control everything now, but it’s probably more along the lines of so many people don’t use masstransit that people didn’t think to mention it.

I deflated Coop‘s balloon a little. Sorry Coop.

I’m in a really pissy mood. I am discovering just how completely fucked up the situation at work is, and how it’s going to be my problem to fix three years of less-than-ideal product and vendor management. I’m getting my points across, but no one here is stepping up – in fact, they’re slinking away. I am learning a lot about the monopoly mentality – now all I need is a sledgehammer.

How about that, Bell made $2.5B (~1.7BUSD) last year, 70% of which came in the fourth quarter alone. Kinda makes you wonder what they were doing the previous three quarters, don’t it?