firefox 3.0.9 partner repacks

During the release process of Firefox 3.0.7, we added a section on Partner Repacks to the Releases page on The idea behind the addition was to make people involved with the release process aware of the repacks, which depend on, and are affected by, the general release process and schedule. The information presented was […]

about:rights in Firefox 3.0.5

Just a reminder that with the release today of Firefox 3.0.5, we’re no longer displaying a EULA on install, and the Mac DMG files will not display the EULA on mounting. (yay!) Instead, we’ll be displaying an infobar that makes people aware of the about:rights text, which outlines how Firefox is licensed, the first time […]

major updates for partner builds underway

just a quick note to say that we’ve started offering updates to 3.0.4 to users who are currently running Firefox 2 distributions that have been customized for partners. there’s around 25 distributions with approximately 2M ADUs, and we’ll be staging the update offers for the various distributions over the next two weeks. the intent is […] (sumo) is now live

just a quick note for all you firefox users: sumo, our firefox support forums, went live today. the forums are the start of a knowledgebase designed to help firefox users of all levels of expertise, and should be your first stop when you have a question about firefox that you can’t readily find an answer […]

firefox need to know: restore last closed tab

after talking with jenna j about the awesomeness that is session restore, coop mentioned this little trick at work today, and it’s a great one to know. have you ever closed a tab in firefox and immediately wished you hadn’t? did you know you can get it back? didn’t think so. if you accidentally close […]

firefox to major update released

If you didn’t know, Firefox 1.5 was end-of-lifed at the start of June. Version is the last version of Firefox 1.5 that will be released. Today, we announced that the major release which will upgrade 1.5 users to the current version would be released. As of 18:30(ish) Eastern today, the update was pushed out […]