five posts in six years

It’s the last day of what is one of the more difficult years I can remember. There’s a number of reasons for that, and I’ve been using places like Twitter to try and fill some voids. I love conversation and digging into the meat of matters, but interacting in text snippets and gifs through mediums like Twitter, Slack, Signal, and others is not that.

I’m hoping to change that a little, even if it’s just me putting longer-form thoughts to posts vs. a jumbled thread that shards into several more threads. I like writing, and I miss the conversations that happen around the things I write. I also realize how much of a content desert the web has become through the lens of Google.

I’m going to try and re-kindle creating the web content I love, with a moderate goal of a post a week on things I care about and want to share. We’ll see how it goes, but five posts in the last six years is a pretty awful record, and you have to give to get. This is my only new year’s resolution, and I’ll probably spend a bunch of time on pinball, beer, and home automation.

2021 will be what I make it, and I’m feeling pretty good about that.

2 thoughts on “five posts in six years

    1. Ha! No. It’s been a grind. Long time, no hear, and hope you’re coming out the other side on top.

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