all these things that I have done

so, I got in to my hotel last night at around 10:30 (I’m on the left coast, so it felt like 01:30) and had every intention of crashing. before I nodded off, I flipped on the tube, and stumbled across the premiere of “Carrier”, PBS’s new documentary that captures a tour of duty aboard the USS Nimitz, a US aircraft carrier.

the show runs ten episodes, and last night’s introduced viewers to the wide variety of people on board. the emphasis was on how the whole thing wouldn’t work unless everyone did their job, and how big the pool of “everyone” is. the interviews are pretty blunt (in a good way), and I think my favorite bit was one of the airmen explaining that because of the large number of 18-20 year olds, the amount of drama is a lot like high school.

I got sucked in, and ended up watching the whole thing. it was worth the feeling totally tired this morning, and I’ll be looking for it over the next couple months. the show also gets my nod as one of the best intros (and choices of music to set the tone – “gotta help me out”) to a program of any kind in a very long time. (the youtube quality doesn’t do it justice, but you get the idea)

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