flickr’s got issues, and they’re getting worse

I have to say, I’ve noticed that flickr hasn’t been the same since some "optimization" changes to the databases were applied in mid-january. in addition to a few outages, which weren’t so irritating, the contact update issue seems to be getting progressively worse. I’ve noticed it’s gone from 1-3 hours to update some contact to 3-4 days. that seems like fail to me.

the admins are aware of the issue, and I can appreciate the scaling fun they must be hitting, but this is starting to get a little stupid. it’s frustrating more than anything, because there are folks I chat with through comment streams when they update.

I’m hoping they fix the problems sooner rather than later. a couple hour delay is fine, but days is silly. right now 40 contacts of mine are out of date, out of 148. one of them hasn’t updated in over a year, which surprised the crap out of me. most are over a day behind at this point.

I’m not calling for heads (like you’ll see in the forums), but it would be nice if the admins did more than say "don’t worry, we’re working on it, but it’ll be a few more weeks". I’d like to understand what the problem is, and if they fucked it up royally in january just say so (or if it’s purely a scaling issue).

anyways. sad-making.

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