the road to god knows…

the parkdale gallery is currently running a show entitled "Comic Book Chaos", where a number of local artists are displaying their work. as you can probably guess from the title, the focus of the exhibition is on comic book art.

I picked up a print of the piece used in the cover art of the road to god knows…, a graphic novel by local artist von allan (whose flickr stream is here). It’s a great print, and I’ve never realized just how many shades of grey there were 🙂 you can follow von’s novel at

if you’re in ottawa and happen to find yourself in the area of the parkdale market (the gallery is right next to the carleton tavern), stop in and have a look. there’s some good stuff there, and I hadn’t realized how deep the local comic scene appears to be.

2 thoughts on “the road to god knows…

  1. PRIIOR! YAY! Thanks for following it…and isn’t kev a sweetheart? He’s a sweetheart, it’s official. Shhh, don’t tell him I said that…I have to abuse him, he’s my nemesis and all…I can’t be having him overhear me saying he’s a good guy and wonderful and all.


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