one of the nice things about the moz platform is it’s extensibility. one of the really nice things about our community is how many people develop useful mods for that platform.

I’m constantly at war with my tabs, and locating the useful ones. enter FaviconizeTab and PermaTabs.

PermaTabs allows me to set a tab I can’t delete. In my case, the three starting tabs go to gmail, google calendar, and remember the milk. three tabs can take up a fair bit of real estate though, and that’s where the other extension comes in.

FaviconizeTab replaces the title text from the website with the website’s favicon. instead of a large tab, you get a nice little stub with a familiar icon.

this puts three useful apps in a place where I know they’re always going to be, without too much of an impact on window estate for browsing elsewhere.

kinda cool. now if I could only stay off flickr enough to get things done. 🙂

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  1. i can easily say this is the greatest post you’ve ever made and probably will make

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