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as you can see, I’ve been dedicating the last couple posts to really important topics. in the interests in maintaining the level of intelligence around here, I need your help in answering a question that’s been bugging me since Jen brought it up:


Thanks for your input.

11 thoughts on “today’s burning question

  1. The scary thing is that I often sing the chorus of this song at work because one of the large, hairy nerds with whom I work does a little dance every time. The dance makes me laugh. For this I’m labeled immature and unprofessional…but at least I’m laughing!

  2. You are such a blog post thief! That was so going to be my next entry. In retaliation, I have re-hijacked the post and put my comments for your stolen post on my site:)

  3. The answer is so obvious I am astounded so many people got it wrong. Folks: if and I repeat *IF* the dots were yellow, the bikini would have to be described as “yellow polka-dotted”. This construct associates the colour with the dots. In this case, the colour of the bikini would not be known. Except one could presume it was probably not also yellow.

    As we all know (and can read in the prompt for the vote – sheesh!), the construct used is “yellow polka dot”. In this case the colour is the main colour of the bikini and the rest is a description of the pattern appearing on it. So, it could be a yellow bikini with red dots or blue dots or … whatever.

    I’m worried about the rest of you. I’m going to hazard a guess that those who voted wrongly have no idea what kind of a store sells “yard goods”. (Hint: it’s not a hardware store)

  4. so, ummm… janice… you probably need to talk to your boy about this (or at least keep him away from hardware stores) I figured the bikini was yellow, but the more I asked people, the more there was no consensus. yay intarweeb!

    helly, when I read your response I thought you were saying _you_ did the dancing. that made _me_ laugh. thank you for the visual, despite it being wrong.

    bunz, I so did not steal it. I even gave you credit for asking it. mayhaps you should post faster in the future 🙂

  5. itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka-dot


    all the adjectives refer to the same word.
    (obvious answer)

    btw, i think

    itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka-dotted


    would be bad form.

    helly, bikini.. funny!

  6. Bad form? Naw. Over here:
    they say:

    Main Entry: pol·ka dot
    Pronunciation: ‘pO-k&-“dät
    Function: noun
    : a dot in a pattern of regularly distributed dots in textile design
    – polka-dot or pol·ka-dot·ted /-“dä-t&d/ adjective

    [some of this may not appear in the comment but I’ll give it a shot]

    So, now it looks like the hyphen determines whether the word is a noun or adjective… who knew?

    In my quest for bad/good form data I found another blogger who had asked the same question as your poll but with less definitive response… here

    You win!

  7. Why are so many of you envisioning me in a biking? I’m afeard!

    Now sing with me (adopting my best Peter Steele from Type O Negative growl) I…WORE AN…ISTY BITSY! TEENY WEENEY! YELLOW! POLKA-DOT! BIKINI! YAAAHHH!!! OOOOOH! AHHH!

    Just imagine I’m circling my hair-encrusted nipples with my index fingers at this point. Let me know when you start feeling nauseous. WHEEEEEE!!!

  8. I’ve had too many beers (mmmm…Magic Hat) Biking was meant to be bikini, obviously. Afeard was intentional.

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