on saturday I stopped by hogs back falls to see how the high water was treating them. they look just a little different from when the falls are at low water.

it was about 10 degrees and sunny with very few clouds and a gorgeous blue sky. with the arrival of spring, there were a bunch of people out for a stroll and some taking of pictures. I took a few pics as well, and this one was my fave. there’s just a bit of snow holding on, and the spray from the water cascading over the rocks has frozen and clung to the trees/scrub in a few places. this is pretty much the last bit of evidence of winter I saw this weekend, all the piles of snow around the neighbourhood are gone.

the power behind all that water is mesmerizing, and it was nice to just zone out for a while and watch it flow by. if you’re in ottawa and have a chance, stop by for a look-see, it’s really an amazing bit of beauty in the middle of the city. it’s nice in the summer, but it’s best now (in my opinion). just remember to pick up after yourself… please.

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