all hotels should have a desk like this

Check this out: a hotel desk that contains something other than a Gideon bible and cheap-ass pens. Not only are there useful desk-like items, there are also TOYS! Someone here was thinking when they designed these rooms. There’s other cool stuff, but I’ll talk about them later. I have to get my ass in gear.

One thought on “all hotels should have a desk like this

  1. Where is this?

    I’m currently in Taipei right now, it probably isn’t too difficult to figure why. (sigh)

    The amenities are interesting, I have a bed that seems like 3 twin mattresses side by side which results in a mattress that’s ridiculously wide, but not long enough for me.

    Also there’s free porn. But I’d rather have the happy fun time desk instead my drab surroundings.

    Take care buddy,


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