i don’t get it

So here’s a pic I posted yesterday, and it’s quickly becoming the most-viewed pic in my stream. I don’t get it at all. To me I just threw this one in there for the hell of it, it’s not posted to any groups, yet people are finding it, presumably because of it’s “interestingness”.

I don’t find it interesting at all, just as a way of identifying my pin pics with the game just in case anyone was confused. The pic itself is the plasma dot-matrix display showing the title screen for the pinball.

Ah well, so long as other people enjoy it, I suppose that’s the important thing. For my next trick, I’ll take a pic or two of the knobs on my stove and see what happens. 🙂

4 thoughts on “i don’t get it

  1. kj: you have to be on the friends list for that. want in? 😉

    priior: doesn’t the font give it away immediately? and if it doesn’t, I’m doubly confused by why people would want to see what it spelled.

    Oh well. Mine is not to wonder why (well it is, but it just means beating my head to a pulp a lot if I actually do)

  2. Hmm. If you called the stove knobs Star Trek Stove Knobs you just might see a similar rush-to-view phenomenon. Think?

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