peace tower

One of the things I like about being Canadian is that our parliament is accessible. There is a large security and police presence, but they blend and observe instead of putting on an overt show of force with an aim to intimidate (because that works so well in other places).

It allows us to take in the history of the area and see what belongs to us up-close, instead of being separated from it by fences, crash-guards, the military, law enforcement, or other barricades. You don’t get that in many places, and I hope the powers that be don’t ever forget who it’s all about.

I like being able to walk around, and not just because it lets me get the odd capture like this one.

4 thoughts on “peace tower

  1. No polarizer, no enhancement in PS. The only filter used was UV. The colour is why using RAW for captures is so nice.

  2. Cool! I’ll show ya around, and introduce you to some spots I am reasonably sure you’ll like. Be careful, tho, that guy from Montreal may show, too.

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