dear guy two rows back and across the aisle

I don’t care about your job at Scotia Capital.

I don’t care about how great you are and how many houses you own and how people inside Scotia Capital are fighting for your brainpan.

I don’t care about your views on the technology sector, especially since you clearly don’t understand a thing about it.

I don’t want to hear the 4,837 reasons you have on how leaving Calgary for Toronto is hard.

You have been talking non-stop since we boarded. I forgot my iPod so can’t drown you out.

For the love of dog, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

Since I can’t say it to him politely, I’ll just type it.

There. I feel better.

Update: 10min after I typed this, the poor guy who was stuck beside him moved to the very back of the train car. It was nice and quiet after that.

3 thoughts on “dear guy two rows back and across the aisle

  1. Oh, that is not a slight to any Steve you know, fyi.

    I just met a Scotia Capital or Scotiabank guy named Steve, who was exactly like that.

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