one of those days


And by one of those days, I mean one of those good days. They’ve been a little widely dispersed of late, so it was nice that it came along on a day where the weather was damn near perfect.

I managed to get a tonne done, including making a batch of fresh Pico de Gallo and scarfing it down with a few chips. The nice part about knowing what goes into something you make is not having to guess whether it’s adding to the balloon or not. It didn’t, and the ratio of Pico to nacho chip was heavily weighted in Pico’s favour.

I also managed to get a 35 minute run and a 30 minute cycle in this aft, and felt amazing afterwards. So amazing that I went on a two-hour walk around the market and surrounding area to take in the sights and snap a few pics. This pic was taken this eve, and is a close tie for my fave of the day. A few more can be seen over on my little spot ‘o flickr.

For all of you who use deadsquid for one thing or another, there were many, many upgrades performed today. If you find that things are funky with your website or email (heaven forbid), please let me know immediately. I’ve tested pretty much everything, so I’m reasonably sure you won’t notice a thing. If you do, sing out.

So yeah. Good day. I wish it were longer. But then again, my dogs be whipped, so it’s probably a good thing I’m frappin the sac shortly.

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