Today I shipped my less-than-two-month-old camera back to Canon for repairs. In the process of shipping it I learned several things:

  • I really dislike packaging fragile things for shipping. Think “snowball made of cardboard and bubble wrap”.
  • I should be more careful with carpet knives if I expect to have all my fingers when I die (cause in the afterlife, they’re oh-so-useful!)
  • You can insure stuff for $2,000 when you use Canada Post, and it costs around $14.
  • Faye Raye was Canadian, and they have a stamp to commemorate that (along with Lorne Greene and others).
  • My car needs a new water pump.
  • Canon USA Tech Support rocks.
  • Canon Canada Tech Support doesn’t.
  • You can get a ticket for parking in the 15 minute Canada Post parking area if you’re there for less than 15 minutes.

Here’s hoping it comes home happy, rested, and unbroken.

One thought on “r&r

  1. Was really sorry to hear about the crack especially considering you were so excited about getting it to begin with. Hope all goes well in warranty world.

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